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Headset monitor 2004/10/07: I've seen recently several enquiries on Siemens' and Nokia's developers forums asking how to monitor plugin and unplugin of headset on S60 devices. Here is an example how to do it on Siemens SX1 phone.

LogToPC (CSendAppUi) 2004/08/28: Very simple example that shows how to implement a simple "Send as" command into your application.

LoggerEx 2004/01/20: Very simple example how to use logging capability on devices. Nothing too fancy, but it can be used as a good basis for more advanced logging solutions.


Bluetooth Checkers It is a clone of classical "checkers" game also known as "draughts". The game is played on a chess board. The reason I've written this application was to try another search algorithm and do some bluetooth programming under Symbian OS. comming soon...


Pearl Mania It is a clone of a classical "bejewelled" game. There are 7 types of pearls. You can play the game by clicking on some pearls on the game board. You have to make legal moves to earn scores.

Dict.Org client This is an implementation of DICT client for Series 60 smartphones (Nokia 3650,...). I implemented some basic commands and it is quite possible that some enhanced versions will be introduced somewhen in the future.

NaCrosses I decided to write an engine based on recursive minimax algorithm. The idea was to make it really simple to program. I also wanted make some long-running task for which cannot be used Active Objects. I simply wanted to try use Threads under Symbian OS.

TheWall The reason I've written this simple game was to get used to DSA under Symbian OS. So there is no big idea, no great engine, just a simple game which I used to get experience with programming and might be that you will find it funny to play...:-)

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