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Platform: Series 60 (Symbian)



Tested on: Nokia 3650

Should also work on: Nokia 7650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6600, Nokia N-Gage, Sendo X, Siemens SX1, Samsung SGH-D700
(If you run this game on one of these phones please send me an email so I can mark this phone as supported.)

Where to buy?

This game is a freeware. So you can download it here and there is no need for paying.


This is an implementation of DICT client for Series 60 smartphones (Nokia 3650,...). I implemented some basic commands and it is quite possible that some enhanced versions will be introduced somewhen in the future.

How it works?

After you use "Dictionary" command from menu you move to "Dictionary screen" where you have all the fun. Simply type word you want look up and press "Find" button. Waiting message will appear, program will connect to the Internet and send your request to pre-defined server. Hopefully you will receive answer, which will be displayed (beautifully colored..:-) on your phone. Well, and that's it.

In future versions there will be available list of servers and dictionaries to choose from. Maybe some improvements to user interface, localised versions, etc...

Pre-defined servers:

  • dict://dict.org
  • dict://dict.trit.org
  • dict://dict.netground.com
  • dict://kurtwerks.com
  • dict://dega.cs.unc.edu

The DICT Protocol

is a TCP transaction based query/response protocol used for accessing to dictionary definitions from a set of language dictionary databases.
By default, the DICT protocol uses TCP port 2628. All aspects of this protocol are described in RFC 2229.

More information about DICT protocol, servers, clients and resources is available at www.dict.org

List of DICT servers available on the Internet:

Other useful links:

main screen board screen board screen board screen board screen
main screen dictionary dictionary settings help
design, programming: Tomas Kucera (2002)
e-mail: sopta (at) post.cz, icq: 33297193
last change: 2005/01/29