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Pearl Mania
 Pearl Mania v1.2

Platform: Series 60 (Symbian)

PearlMania_s60_v1_2.sis (freeware)


Tested on: Nokia 3650

Should also work on: Nokia 7650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6600, Nokia N-Gage, Sendo X, Siemens SX1, Samsung SGH-D700
(If you run this game on one of these phones please send me an email so I can mark this phone as supported.)

Where to buy?

This game has change its status from shareware to freeware. So you can download it here and there is no need for paying. You can also get it from the Handango site.


It is a clone of classical "bejewelled" game. There are 7 types of pearls. You can play the game by clicking on some pearls on the game board. You have to make legal moves to earn scores.

Illegal moves include:

  • two pearls not adjacent
  • the swap does not make a match

Clicking on some pearl the first time will flash it up. Then the next click should make some match or clicking on the same pearl a second time cancels the selection of the pearl. The game ends when there is no more possible matches that can be made by swapping pearls.

A statistics board is continuously summarizing your performance in this game, including longest chain reaction, longest match (number of matching pearls in one row), total score, current score and highest scoring move.

When you don't know how to make next move you can select “Hint” from the menu and two small dots, representing pearls on the board, will be displayed for a while on a small board in the right top corner of the screen. Now point losses are implemented, but I'm thinking about some changes in the future.

The scoring rule is as follows:

You will receive 10 points for making a match of 3, 20 points for a match of 4, 30 points for a match of 5, and 50 points for a match of 6.

Additional points can be earn when combinations matches are made. If you make a match, the pearls disappear and the board shifts to accommodate the missing pearls. This can cause additional matches to be made as the board falls into place. Additional points are then added to the base number of points for each match.

main screen board screen board screen board screen board screen
main screen board player's name help score
design, programming: Tomas Kucera (2002)
e-mail: sopta (at) post.cz, icq: 33297193
last change: 2005/01/29