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ViennaEurope, Austria

Vienna is the capital of Austria with the population around 1,6 million. It is located in the Danube Valley surrounded by the hills of Wienerwald (north and west). There are historical indication that the first settlers came to this area 25,000 years ago. In more modern history the Celts settlements was there, then the Romans came and established a military camp called Vindobona (around 9 AD). After the Romans withdrawal several migrating tribes fought over the place. The real glory started with Rudolf of Hapsburg in 1282 when one of the most powerful dynasties in history has emerged. The old city centre and most the sightseeing are on the south part of the city. The major landmark is the slender spire of Stephansdom in the inner city.

The smaller half of the city is located across the river connected by several bridges. In this part also the primary object (at least for me) is located. On the Autokaderstrasse there are offices of Siemens PSE (nothing interesting for tourists, but I spent quite a lot of time in these offices..:-)

Schoenbrunn Palace
 Schoenbrunn Palace
The biggest days of Vienna were during reign of the Habsburg dynasty, but even today Vienna has a lot to offer. The city is famous for it's cultural life. Not just various museums or renowned wine taverns, there is a specially high offer for music lovers who enjoy the classical music like Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn or Schubert who in their era called Vienna their home.

One of the Vienna's most popular attractions is Schloss Schoenbrunn. It is a palace built in 1700 with around 2000 rooms. There is also a garden, a maze and the oldest ZOO in the World.

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