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ManlyNew South Wales

Do you like sun, beautiful beaches and a relaxing style of life? Are you in Sydney and do you want see something other than the CBD's skyscrapers? Then take a ferry to Manly.

 The Corso
Manly is a jewel among the beaches on the North Shore. It lies on a peninsula that has Sydney Harbour on one side and the Pacific Ocean on other. From Manly Wharf you can go right through "The Corso" to beautiful beaches on the North and South Steyne which are suitable for surfers and along the seashore you come to small, nice Shelly Beach. This beach is connected with other beaches by Marine Parade Walk, the most popular walking track in Manly. It has spectacular views of Manly and it's simply a must for every visitor. But let's go back to the Corso. This pedestrian mall is one of the most successful shopping streets in Sydney. Henry Gilbert Smith, who founded Manly, named this street after his favorite street in Italy. The Corso has something for everyone. There are lots of restaurants, take aways, souvenir shops and banks.

 Manly from SHNP
When you turn left out of the Wharf you find yourself on Manly's Pathway of Olympians. This pathway is a commemoration of local sportsmen who were participants in the Olympic games. Each of them has a bronze plague with their name, a year and a city where the Olympic games took place. After 200m you come to Oceanworld. In this exhibition you can find the biggest sharks in Sydney and some other kinds of fish. If you like walking then you can try Manly's Scenic Walkway. This 10kms long trip will take you from 3 to 4 hours and will offer you breathtaking views to Manly and the ocean around. You will start in Manly cove and go through Forty Baskets Beach to the beautiful Sydney Harbour National Park. In this place you will see the contrast between the Australian seashore and bushland. Then you can continue along to The Grotto Point, with its small lighthouse, to Sandy Bay, Fisher Bay and finish under Spit Bridge. There you can wait this bridge to open enabling boats to sail through it to the other side. When the bridge gas finished its performance you can take a bus back to the beaches in Manly.

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