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The Pinnacles DesertWestern Australia, Nambung NP, Pinnacles Desert

 The Pinnacles desert
Only 257km north of Perth lie a small village Cervantes. Next to it is Nambung National Park and its biggest attraction - The Pinnacles. In the seventeenth century sailors who were observing this area as they sailed past thought The Pinnacles were ruins of an ancient city built by a forgotten civilization. If you come, you'll see why.

In the sandy area, which covers more than 400 hectares you, can see an unbelievable landscape and a feel a special atmosphere of mystery. There are hundreds and hundreds of limestone pillars, which grow out of the flat ground. Some of them are pretty small, 10, 20, 50 centimeters and some are up to 5 meters high. Before your very eyes are all the shapes you can imagine. When you are walking among them you are experiencing admiration for the might of nature.

 Car at the Pinnacles desert
The old sailors were wrong: no ancient civilization, but water and wind made this peculiar natural phenomenon. The Pinnacles were limestone covered by sea shell sand dunes. Over a period of many thousands of years rain made the limestone harder. Then for hundreds of years more sea winds gradually blew away the sand and helped to reveal these needle-like limestone pillars.

After you finish observing this place is maybe right time for a change. It's just 10kms to the coast and its beautiful beaches. There you can enjoy nice day, blue sky, white sand and an amazing tyrquise sea in one of the many bays and lagoons. It's really relaxing just to lie on hot sand and thinking about your recent experience... in The Pinnacles Desert

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