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Port MacquarieNew South Wales

 Town Beach
Port Macquarie, with its population of 33.700, is one of the larger resorts on the north coast of New South Wales. It was founded in 1821 as a convict settlement on place explored by John Oxley three years earlier. It is situated 430 km north of Sydney and this location makes it a good stopping point on the journey to Queensland.

The most interesting places in the town are the Town Beach, Flagstaff Hill, Maritime Museum, the Koala Hospital and Kingfisher Park. If you like sun and water, then the Town Beach is the right place for you. It is situated near the centre of the town and always is full of life. For people interested in a maritime history there is a small Maritime Museum. It hosts exhibition of local maritime history and showcase artifacts from the ships wrecked along Port Macquarie's seashore. Next to the museum on the shore lies the Flagstaff Hill. It is place where John Oxley erected the English flag and declared the land for the Crown.

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